Adamo Billai

Among the best players of the launeddas has to be remembered one of the most famous: Adamo Billai; he born in Uta in 1872 (1872 – 1966). Adamo Billai participated to a lot of shows, offering his great contribution as player.
Giovanni Locci (San Vito 1858 – Monastir 1930) was his teacher as for the construction of the launeddas, while he was an autodidact as for playing the instrument. Adamo Billai moved closer to the instrument during the youth when he looked after livestock in the countryside of his village where lived men who played launeddas for fun.

Billai, since that moment, started to have a big interest for this instrument and, applying himself seriously, became soon a good player, very appreciated at his time and for the same reason already remembered. When he was 20 years old went to live in Pirri, near Cagliari, and there had the opportunity to deepen his repertory. For fifty years he played in Assemini when he accompanied the Sunday dances. He used to accompanied the Saints during the processions; in succession we can observe him during the procession of Santa Lucia in Assemini.

Among its numerous performances it is remembered that of 1939, when with the most good players of launeddas he took part to the show “La Primavera Sarda” , organized by the Dopo Lavoro Provinciale, that took place in Cagliari. In this respect, in the wonderful scenery of San Remy’s Bastion, Adamo Billai and the others players were admired and listened by a big public.