Pro Loco story

The first Pro Loco, that were born in the far 1881, were called “Comitati di cura” (Care Committees) and as already happened in other European countries, they assumed several denominations: “Comitati di cura”, “Società per il concorso dei forestieri”, “Associazioni per il movimento dei forestieri”, “Società di abbellimento” or simply “Pro”.

The name Pro Loco was in a short time extended to every Local Tourist Association and because of that the Pro Loco can be considered the first Italian receptive tourist associations.
The first legislative moment that interest the Pro Loco goes back to 1920 and precisely to the session of June 25th.

The next year (1921) was published the first book about the history of the Pro Loco: “la funzione e l’organizzazione delle Pro Loco”.
In the post-war period the Pro Loco took again their activity and just on June 29th , 1962, during the Congress of the Pro Loco Trivenete, that took place in Recoaro, it was suggested the constitution of an association that had a coordination and representative duty on an international level.

In September of the same year, was born the UNPLI (national union of Italian Pro loco), that already in 1965 obtained the institution of the Pro Loco’s National Register at the Tourism and Show Ministry. This Register became “regional” and in some cases “provincial” through the transfer of the competences about the tourism to the regions.
In Italy the Pro Loco are almost 6000; 650.000 are the members; 20000 the successful events and performances.

Up to date to 2006.

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