The fishing

Among the different fishing techniques, used in the time in which fishing was a profitable and widespread occupation, are here remembered:

  • Rezza and tallora: it is a fixed fishing net hold up by 4 poles, that are about 7 metres high, driven in the ground on the river banks. The net that takes up all the width of the river, is submerged and it is lifted at regular intervals, the necessary time to recover the fish.
  • Bilancia: (flat net): it is formed by a wooden pole with a ring on the top and by a cable (tied up
    to the ring) that keeps together the iron poles that hook a net that is immer- sed in a river zone where the fish find refuge. When the net is lifted, its opening gets narrower trapping the fish
  • Sa nassa (fishpot): it is formed by a structure made with little branches of asphodel and a covering of interlaced reed; the openings are surrounded by points and by a little net to form a funnel that allows the entry of the fish (above all ells) but not its going out. The fishpots are kept immersed for 2 days and then lifted to be emptied.