The Floods

In the past, several floods hit Uta. The presence of the torrential rivers Cixerri and Mannu influenced the life of the country above all because their waters came together in the final part of their course. During the rainy seasons, because of the lack or the inadequacy of the embankments, in the country the rivers became a danger for the harvest, the livestock, the houses and also for the population.
The flood registered as the older is a hurricane of the 17th November, 1898, described even in the “Unione Sarda” (a regional newspaper). The damages were enormous, a third of the buildings gave way and more than an hundred families were left without their house.

One of the most disastrous floods goes back to 12th December, 1902; the water achieved the height of 1.50 metres, many head of cattle died, but fortunately, there were not human victims.
The buildings collapsed and many inhabitants found safety on the roofs of the ones that the bad weather had spare; others took refuge into the Church; the damages in the country were enormous and whole harvests were lost.

On 6th and 7th October, 1929 It was the time of a cloudburst. The result was bitter and unhappy: 6 the dead, 600 the homeless and 70 the persons that were hospitalize in Decimomannu. 193 houses collapsed, 60 were seriously damaged and most of the houses were unsafe; 1600 acres of soil were devastated and the fury of the cataclysm achieved to uproot 14 km of railway line.

Another flood there was in 1961 and the last one goes back to 1999.